Lets not confuse Payday with capitalism

Payday Loan isn’t capitalism, it is simply a legalized crime wave.

Let’s also not confuse working for an Payday Loan with getting paid what your worth. That would be like saying a gambler gets paid what there worth. Like in gambling, the most successful Payday Loaners are the cheaters who use unethical means to beat the odds.

Let’s not confuse Payday Loan with any kind of security. Each morning you wake up in an Payday Loan, you wake up unemployed, not sure if the Payday Loan will get busted today, or if your downline will walk out on you, or if the Lender will change the rules and leave you out in the cold, or simply cancel your contract.

And finally, don’t confuse this board for anything other than what it is: the victims of deceptive, exploitive Payday Loans reaching out to their fellow human beings in hopes of preventing another Payday Loans Lender from creating another victim.

Are all Payday Loans Scams?